Your daily mission: Build our loyal following by introducing Hey Y’all! Hard Iced Tea to those who demand good alcoholic beverages! This is a full-time 1 year contract.



We are 100% Canadian owned company working real hard to make authentic southern style hard iced tea.

It’s an exceptional tasting hard iced tea. And that could be why we’re BC’s #1 selling alcohol refreshment beverage, and now available in Ontario! But, it could also be because we use real black tea and take great pride in doing so. And just like a real brewed tea, Hey Y’all! isn’t carbonated; meaning you don’t get that less-than-pleasant fizzy feeling in your stomach. Another reason we are exceptionally tasting is because we don’t believe in super sugary drinks! So we only lightly sweeten; just enough to soften the natural tannins that are part of a naturally brewed iced. It could also be because our customers are awesome, loyal and demand good alcoholic beverages!



You are a lover of Hey Y’all! and appreciate quality drinks. Outgoing, enthusiastic and natural relationship builder, you make friends wherever you go! You are knowledgeable and even involved with various aspects of campus culture. You are interested in marketing and understand the power of a strong brand. Additionally, you should be able to quickly analyze current situations and provide input to immediately take ownership of marketing programs.



The duties of the Lifestyle Marketing Rep would be to work alongside the marketing team at Leeftail Co., our Brand Representation Agency.  The Lifestyle Marketing Rep will be responsible for acting on behalf of Leeftail Co. and Hey Y’all! Iced Tea Co., and for any provided services such as Product Sampling, Relationship Development, Sponsorships & Partnerships, Brand Collaborations, Content Generation, and any other services deemed necessary for the successful execution of program.


The primary duties of the Lifestyle Marketing Rep would be:

  • Provincial scope, based out of downtown Toronto core, brand ambassador for a lifestyle driven alcohol brand

  • Work closely with client marketing, this position is an agency extension of brand team

  • Understand & implement the approved strategies and recommend modifications to optimized performance

  • Utilize & identify current relationships and be continually developing new relationships to benefit position, brand and agency

  • A strong brand marketing mind will allow the successful candidate to exceed much quicker

  • Experience in event production is strongly encouraged

  • Experience in sponsorships and partnership negotiations a strong asset, but not necessary

  • A strong passion for nightlife, events, parties, live music

  • Be able to contribute regionally to brand social media content

  • Provide monthly reporting on the brand’s State of the Nation

  • Occasionally assist other members of Leeftail Co when needed

  • Regular access to a vehicle is a must

  • Must be legal drinking age

  • Must have valid G level license and insurance

  • Be flexible with assigned job duties as the company continues to evolve & grow

  • The job is unique, so the appropriate candidate must be flexible with work hours. Leeftail is a non-traditional workplace and sometimes must cater to the hours of its clients

  • Nights & weekends will be required as a large portion of this job’s duties

  • Typical office hours do not apply to this position but will be needed from time to time. It is important to not let lifestyle affect job performance

  • Some travel is required

  • Manage budgets & work-related expenses monthly, utilizing the tools provided by Leeftail Co.

  • Always represent the company in a professional manner, inside & outside the workplace

  • Always come to work with a great attitude

  • Must live in downtown core of Toronto, or be willing to relocate at their own expense​

Interested applicants are encouraged to explore & @leeftailco on Instagram to get a feel for the type of work we produce and the workplace environment at Leeftail Co. Our brand identity is very important to us and as such, the personnel are a direct reflection of that. 


Email Resume, Cover Letter & Social Links:

Application Deadline: Dec 1, 2017