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Our iced teas are made with real black tea leaf extracts, for an authentic iced tea taste. And so, if left to sit, you might find fine tea leaf parts can settle in your can - just as a home-made iced tea would. A light shake or agitation will blend the tea back into the recipe. But can you read these tea leaves? We suspect not, and suggest you enjoy Hey Y’all! & don’t try to read your future in our tea leaves!

Just like a real iced tea you might make at home, Hey Y’all! southern style iced teas are flat or non-carbonated for a smooth, thirst-quenching, real tea drinking experience. Hey Y'all! Lemonade is lightly carbonated.

Unfortunately, due to liquor laws we are unable to ship direct to consumers at this time. We are happy to help locate a store near you via our contact form.

Sadly, we do not produce kegs of Hey Y’all! Hard Iced Tea . From time to time we do produce large formats such as our 3L Party Pouch. Follow us on Instagram for future product updates!


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